Repair service and price

Customer satisfaction is essential for Auguste Reymond SA. We have qualified professional staff that service and restore Auguste Reymond watches. Our watchmakers benefit from continuous training to maintain and improve the level of service we offer to our customers.

Sending your watch

We recommend to carefully pack a watch for repair and send it with a copy of the International Warranty by insured registered mail or courier. Watches send to Auguste Reymond SA are not insured by our brand. Shipping costs to sent watch to Auguste Reymond is in charge of the sender.

Return shipment

Shipping costs to send back watch under warranty are in charge of Auguste Reymond SA but in charge of the customer when the watch is no longer under warranty.


Watches that are no more under the 2 years warranty will be repaired on the base of a quotation done by Auguste Reymond SA customer service in order customers are aware of the repair price. Customers are free to refuse the quotation and will receive its unrepaired watch back.

Price list

The below Auguste Reymond recommended service price list can be considered as a guideline for Auguste Reymond’s network of independent repair workshops offering the type of service(s) required for the customer’s timepiece. Repairer shall have complete discretion in determining independently the prices it charges for the repair services of Auguste Reymond watches.

Service price list

About us


Over more than a century the company AUGUSTE REYMOND has manufactured watches in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region. A place where time is still a value on its own, not just a matter of ephemeral trends or fast money, a place where we can still take our time to create timeless beauty. Far aside from the mass production of the big luxury groups, our independent, family-owned company offers you the genuine luxury of an authentic product, which is hand-assembled only in small series by our watchmakers in our own workshops in Nidau.


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