Auguste Reymond communication

Auguste Reymond is a discreet brand. You will see it only rarely appear on the glossy paper of fashion magazines or on television screens. For us this is a matter of choice. We sell a product, not its image.
When you buy an Auguste Reymond watch you are not ruining yourself to act as a sponsor for the measurements of a top-model, to reward the victories of a sportsman nor to support the glamourous smile of a movie star, but you are just paying the price of a watch that we commit ourselves to bring to you through a direct and efficient distribution network.
Our best publicity remains the one that our clients make by wearing an Auguste Reymond watch with pleasure.

Kickstarter campaign

Support us with our Kickstarter financing project and get a special price for some watches.

The project will end on Mai 15th. Go, have a look and tell your friends.